Our Moderately Crazy Plan For The Next Nine Months


First of all, no, it’s not a baby. 

Starting this September, our family will be attending the Antioch Discipleship School - a 9-month school designed to propel disciples of Jesus into their calling. 

Why on earth would we join a 9-month school when we’re already short on time and have a toddler running around dipping his hands in the toilet?

Let us explain. 

As Malachi approaches his 2nd birthday, our company approaches its 3rd birthday, and we approach our 5th wedding anniversary, we’ve noticed finding space for God is only getting harder. Our family has dreams of becoming a foster care family, advocating for people in the margins, and sharing the gospel with people we encounter in our daily lives. But these dreams will likely never come to be if we aren’t building our family on a firm foundation. We believe God is inviting us into the Discipleship School to do exactly that - build a foundation that will support us for the rest of our lives.

The rest of your lives?

You might be thinking that sounds a bit optimistic - how could 9-months possibly do that?

The discipleship school covers a lot of ground. Practically speaking, we’ll be reading through the entire Bible in 9 months (something neither of us have done before). A weekly 4-hour meeting will consist of extended times of prayer, worship, and teaching. Each of us will be in a accountability group and prompted to practice sharing the gospel each week. Additionally, we’ll be doing local outreach and service, attending a missions conference in February and wrapping up the school with a 10-day international mission trip. 

It’s pretty intense.

The shear breadth and scope of this school is why we believe this will lay a foundation for the rest of our lives. And its intensity is also why we absolutely need the support of our family and friends if we’re going to make it through.

If you wanted to partner with our little tribe, we could use your support both financially and in prayer. The tuition for the school is $3,600 and is due by the first day of class, August 29th. The image breaks down what is needed to make this “foundation building” possible. Would you pray through which brick you could lay for our family by making a one-time donation before August 29th and/or praying? Every single brick here, big or small, is essential. If you want to join us on this journey, click "I Want To Support The Davis Family" below (plus you can see how things are coming along so far!).